7 Amazing Pieces Of Advice For NQTs — From Real Teachers 2

“Sometimes the kids get excited by the weirdest things…”

1.    Things don’t always go to plan — and that’s more than okay

“Sometimes the kids get excited by the weirdest things. When this happens, sometimes abandoning the lesson plan and going down the rabbit hole will create the best learning experiences. So don't be afraid to step into the unknown.”



“The number of times we’ve taken the oddest but most interesting detour! One lesson we ended up asking the business manager what the school’s electricity bill was like... It really sparked their interest in being more eco-friendly at home and at school too. They were horrified by how much electricity is wasted at school!”


2.    Don’t be afraid to ask for advice

“Everyone was new to teaching once. Every teacher is still learning for the rest of their career. It should be a support each other culture.”


3.    Be realistic in your lesson planning

“Never take longer planning a lesson than it will take to teach it. Sometimes the best lessons just go with the flow.”


4.    Your working days will be unpredictable…


“If it’s windy at playtime then forget the rest of the day!”


5.    But remember, a positive atmosphere breeds positive learning

“Always greet each student at the door with a smile and a good morning / good afternoon.”


6.    Don’t let the working day run away with you

“Clock off before five!”


7.    And most importantly, be kind to yourself

“Remember, you can do anything, but not everything. This quote sits on my desk!”


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