7 Practical Teaching Tips for Primary School Teachers

From creating innovative lessons to knowing your curriculum and having a well-thought-out backup plan, here are seven – old and new – practical tips for primary school teachers.

1. Be passionate

Showing a real interest in your class and the subjects you’re teaching is fundamental.

Children can tell if you’re not interested so try to arrive at school every day with conviction, enthusiasm and purpose.

2. Have a backup plan

Sometimes, even the most well thought out lessons will go completely astray and that’s OK.  

However, having a backup plan is sometimes more important than the main event. It’ll allow you to dodge any unforeseen obstacles and keep your classroom harmony in check.

3. Present innovative lessons

Your classroom is a space where imagination and creativity have no limits.

Why not try incorporating visual, interactive elements into your lessons, allowing you to break up the monotonous schedule and hopefully spark some inspiring ideas for your pupils.

4. Give feedback to students

Try and give as much one-to-one feedback to your pupils as you possibly can. 

Use it as an opportunity to outline their strengths and skills, while offering guidance in areas for development.

5. Step out of your comfort zone

To reach your full working potential, be proactive in finding new teaching styles that challenge your everyday routine. 

*Tip* — ask your colleagues what works for them and try them out in your own classroom.

6. Know your subject

This one goes without saying, but try and learn your teaching curriculum inside out.

It’ll be easier to help your pupils progress if you’re well versed in the subject you’re teaching.   

7. Pick your battles

It’s always a good idea to think, is this one worth it?  Sometimes, the best thing you can do is take a deep breath, adapt to your new surroundings and crack on with the day. 



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