11 emotions of a primary school teacher during the Summer holidays

As told by this year’s Love Island contestants…

1. When someone mentions school during the summer holidays


2. Spotting one of your students on holiday

Credit: ITV Hub

3. When a colleague tells you they’ve been into school to prepare for the new term 


4. Excessively thinking about school when there really is NO NEED


5. Keeping up-to-date with news and gossip from other teachers in the group chat 


6. When non-teachers complain about how you’ve got ‘loads’ of time off 


7. Being totally smug when your partner tells you off for having a lie-in every single day of the week 


8. Realising the school term starts in less than 1 week


9. When you realise your favourite TA will be with your class again this academic year  


10. Deciding on the layout of your new classroom


11. When it’s the night before the first day of term and you come to the realisation that it is what it is