9 Creative Classroom Hacks for Teachers

These will definitely help you out...

1. Organise the tables using coloured dots


Use coloured dots or stickers to organise the tables. A different colour on each desk will help you arrange your pupils into groups and work out who does what. You can then ask, "Please can the green table present their work" - genius!


2. Make your markers everlasting


Putting Velcro on the whiteboard will not just stop your pens from mysteriously disappearing, but it allows you to place the markers upside down, making sure that you get the most use out of them.


3. Create a turn-in bin with clothespins that are labelled with each student's name


Students can turn their peg over once they’ve submitted their work. A good way to keep track of who has competed their work (and who you need to chase!).


4. Use plastic containers for holding dice


Stopping that one overly enthusiastic chid from losing your dice for the seventh time. This would also work well for other small items such as erasers or coins.


5. Use cardboard magazine holders to create individual storage units for each student


Removing the “I lost it” excuse from classrooms.


6. Need to stop your marker pen from getting smudged? Use clear nail polish!


Applying a layer of nail polish will stop all your hard work from being rubbed away by sticky fingers.


7. Create cost efficient whiteboards by using old DVD cases


They’re cheaper than whiteboards; ideal if you’re on a tight budget!


8. Stick pompoms onto the end of your dry-erase marker pens as an instant eraser


Cheaper than buying multiple erasers, and you won’t be able to lose them as easily!


9. Put your coloured paper in hanging filing folders to keep them neat


Keep the classroom mess to a minimum!


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